ShinkinDesign Graphic and website designer

HTML, php, css, Bootstrap. JQuery, Adobe Creative Suite, custom cms for Drupal, Joomla!, WordPress and Mambo. Corporate graphics, typography. First hand experience in sales, marketing, PR and promotions. This site built and customised with Bootstrap.


AccessIcon set. Design a custom icon set for an international Social Video project that allows customers to create, watch and share personal video channels on any connected device. The UI was already under development and this required me to work closely with the project director and designers. To build some identity into them I used the spheres from their logo as a background to each one thereby creating colourways for each subset. Drawn with Adobe Illustrator and finalised/optimised for video in Photoshop.


360JudoGraphics. The UK judo belt grading system is at best confusing. The system must allow for the same grade being taken at different ages and the tradition adjusted for modern physical and mental health requirements. Junior belts (also known as Mon's) are equivalent to the Senior Kyu's after 6th. The graphic is an attempt to tie it all together with the path to black belt and beyond made clear. The red belt to red belt 'lifetime' transition nicely highlighted.


SenFocusCorporate logotype. Create a logo for a new business providing support and assistance to the elderly within social care institutions. It should attempt to feature key areas identified as necessary physically and mentally for senior citizens residing in care homes. The solution divided each focus into a jigsaw piece and then placed together into one logo. This approach also assisted presentation of the concept by introducing each 'piece' individually. Appropriate colours were chosen for each. Cognitive - green, Social - blue, Physical - red and Emotional - yellow. Lubalin Graph font was chosen to echo the 'interlocking' concept.

DCB Consult

DCB ConsultWebsite. Contract to produce a clean, 100% custom, single page tabbed website with illustrations utilising their corporate style to launch the new company. Features a 'sticky' footer.


360Judo webWebsite and corporate graphics, copywriting. A large scope project involving collaboration to produce a brief that ensured all aspects of the companies aims were effectively communicated. The company symbol, colour schemes all reflect the sports traditional look and feel while producing a modern look. An integral Timeline fed from an administration friendly Google Drive spreadsheet shows upcoming events. A theme related 'Magento' online shopping store was also produced.

AccessMyTV UI

AccessMyTVUI/UX. An initial approach was made by their project director to produce a re-design with fifteen pixel perfect, fully layered, wireframes in Photoshop. This soon extended to a final eighty-six screens for demonstration purposes at CES, Las Vegas and their developers to code from.